Aqaba during the pandemic!

Go local! You won’t regret it in Aqaba and especially in Ayla.

Probably the “it” place this season, Aqaba should be on your list in this pandemic! But giving you a heads up, if you’re planning on booking in @hyattregencyaqaba here’s what you need to know: the hotel is always crowded so be prepared to take around 1-2 hours checking-in upon arrival. Also, you won’t get your room before 3pm (our room was ready around 6pm) so I suggest you flag that in advance. Mind you, we booked a club room (where ideally we’re supposed to check-in upon arrival via a guest relations desk) but rather ended up queuing 1-2hours to check-in from the usual front desk.
There’s one main pool in the hotel so the earlier you book a sun bed the better.

You can also go to “La Plage” (the beach part of the hotel) but is pretty much limited since it’s a lagoon. This beach contains some water activities too!
As for the food, I had this burger next to La Plage. I recommend it but minus the cheese as it doesn’t come melted on the patty. The service was slow and price is around 17JD per person.

Breakfast was okay, the hotel practices social distancing where a member of the hotel staff helps you with the food. My favorite station was the eggs!
All in all, l like the hotel as it conveys a contemporary look and feel but the service can REALLY be improved for the experience to be epic!

Oh, you must also have dinner in Romero! Make sure the catch of the day is fresh and available before you go though! We ordered Sayadiyyeh (the famous dish in Aqaba) with Melissa fish. I suggest that you tell the waiter to put that as “fillet” because ours contained bones and was hard to remove them.

We also had Bizri fish (so small and tiny and can be part of your appetisers), shrimps, calamaris and more Melissa fish!

Honestly one of the best times I’ve had dinner in Romero! With all the seafood ordered, average price per person was around JOD 28 including drinks.

Travel tip: I suggest you ask the hotel for transportation to and back from Romero as it is located in the Yachts Club, around 10-15minutes away from Ayla.

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