Hiking and Lunching in Ajloun!

With the help of USAID and Bidaya Agency, a trip was planned to Ajloun for the local food bloggers of Amman, namely Yasmin Bani Hani (@foodiejo), Sally Saeed (@dinewithsally) and myself with the purpose of hiking (a small easy hike I promise!) and trying out the authentic Ajlouni cuisine at a local family’s house.

Ajloun is almost an hour and a half away from the capital Amman and is located in the north. Upon arrival, Mr. Eisa Dweekat (Head of Alyun Society) greeted us in his house where we got to meet his beautiful wife and energetic son Tamer (who ended up hiking with us by the way!). While Um Tamer was preparing lunch, we took off for the hike, lead by Eisa himself.

The hike lasted for about 2 hours (still an easy hike I promise!), but it was too hot for a hike in June. Hiking in Ajloun is most recommended during September/October and March/April.

After the hike, we got back to Eisa’s place where the food was ready. You won’t imagine how much food there was! Um Tamer did a fantastic job! From Cha’acheel to Maqlouba, to Mfarraket Batata to Gallayit Bandoura to everything else in the picture (I’m actually drooling as I’m typing…). By the way, Ajloun is famous for Cha’acheel which are dough-like balls, cooked in Shanina yoghurt and ghee!

If you’re into greenery, hikes and GREAT food, this trip is highly recommended!

Contact Eisa Dweekat on the following:

(962) 79- 6829111


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