Happy International Coffee Day!

Before I start, I’d like to take a moment in attempting to enforce this day as an international holiday just to embrace the importance of this cup. And by this cup I do mean: Coffee.

It’s unanimously known that it takes a certain art to serve love-at-first-sip coffee. If you’re still searching for this kind of love, you’ll find it at Majnoon Qahwa.

Every time I visit, it feels as if it is my first time, as I just stand there gazing at the elegance of the decor, floor tiles, or even the design of the paper cup!


The story of how Majnoon Qahwa started is pretty interesting actually. With the booming of coffee shops in Jordan, there was a real longing for a proper cup of coffee. As a result, Fig Tree Ventures (the mother company owning Majnoon Qahwa) realised that there is a gap that needs to be addressed. And so the research began. Correspondingly, coffee was actually first roasted and brewed as the beverage that we all know today by the Arab Bedouins in Yemen and so, Fig Tree Ventures decided to capitalise on this idea. Just as Qays was obsessed, or majnoon in Arabic, with Layla in the ancient Arabian love story, so is Fig Tree Ventures obsessed with “Qahwa”. And by so, Majnoon Qahwa was conceived!

You see the Latte you drink? Majnoon Qahwa makes sure to follow a rigorous four step process in order to make this drink ultimately enjoyable.

Did you also know that Majnoon Qahwa roasts the beans IN the same place where you sit? Once you enter, you’re going to notice the huge elegant roasting machine on your left.


 In addition, Majnoon Qahwa is committed to serving Arabic coffee using Yemeni beans, amongst other beans, allowing Fig Tree Ventures to support farming of coffee in Yemen.

So whether you’re looking to socialise, study, read or just grab a good cup of enriched coffee, you know where to head!

Happy international coffee day! Let the caffeine kick in!


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