TwoCanDine, the Spotist and the Grabbd Team Take Over Downtown

Foodies! Get ready to be exposed to the most amusing activity in Amman: Downtown!

I know I’ve written about it before, but this time it’s a whole different adventure; my dear friend The Spotist, the lovely Grabbd Team and myself got together for a one of a kind dining experience.

You must be wondering what is Grabbd and what does it have to do with Ammani food bloggers (quite smart of you). Actually, Grabbd allows you to create a personalised page where you can search and “grab” all the restaurants you tried, or you wish to try, allowing you to provide feedback on the dining experience by choosing “Like it”, “Love it”, “Dislike it” or “Try it”. It’s super easy to use, and has made my life so much easier especially when travelling as I only need to search for the restaurants I want to try in the desired destination and just click “Try them”. A list of all the places selected will be shown under the city you’re heading to! The app is available on App Store and will soon be launched on Android. Under my Amman list, you’ll find that I want to try Habiba in Downtown along with other authentic Jordanian places. So the three of us decided to execute this wish list into some action.

So here we go, our first stop was Falafel Al-Quds in Rainbow Street, one of Amman’s oldest and most famous place that you can’t really miss.


Established in 1966 with a simple concept throughout these years, Al-Quds serves two types of Falafel Sandwiches: in sesame Ka’ek bread or in plain Ka’ek bread. Of course, Tahini sauce, pickles, Tomatoes or Shatta (optional hot sauce) are added.


Though they do not sell individual Falafel pieces, the place was kind enough to offer us some pieces to indulge on while our sandwiches were being prepared.


Now, it’s KNAFEH time! Heading to Habiba Downtown, you get distracted by how busy it is down there from the numerous shops and displays available on both sides of the streets as you drive by (Tip: you can park in Shabsough parking and tour Downtown by foot!).

Upon arriving, you’ll be shocked by the long queue of people waiting to order but you’ll be more surprised that it takes less than five minutes to stand in that queue! Wow.

We got two pieces of Na’meh Knafeh and one Khishneh Knafeh (the crust is the only difference).




Don’t forget to download Grabbd and start rating your favorite places! You can also follow me on Grabbd to see my list of restaurants.

I’d like to thank the amazing Grabbd team and The Spotist for such a great travel experience. To many more pigging out together!



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