Restaurant Review: Iftar @ Romero

During the holy month of Ramadan, many restaurants start hosting Iftar buffets commemorating this special month.

We had Iftar at Romero Restaurant, located in Jabal Amman, third circle.

Upon entering, you’ll realise the buffet is located on your right and guests are seated on your left (which is more convenient).

As Maghrib prayer was heard from afar, Freekeh soup was served in addition to dates and water for breaking the fast.


Next, people headed for the appetizers sections of the buffet which constituted of a wide selection of salads (Caesar, Fattoush, Rocca, Pasta), Smoked Salmon, Bresaola, different kinds of pâtés, Hummos, and Mutabbal.



For the main course, you’ll find a station serving pastas: Risotto with white cream and truffle oil, Penne Arrabiata, and Fettuccine with cream sauce. As proceeding, you’ll encounter Kibbeh dipped in yoghurt, Chicken with Mustard sauce (this was EPIC), Melanzane (eggplant stuffed with minced meat and rolled with Mozzarella cheese), and many many others.


For the sweet finale, a selection of Arabic desserts were available: Qatayef, mini Qatayef stuffed with fresh cream, Osmalieh, Awameh, assortments of mini cakes and many more.

Romero has a beautiful garden terrace, an ideal ambience to sit and enjoy Iftar. If you want to break the Iftar rituals I suggest going there. The price per person is JOD30 inclusive.

Ramadan Kareem!

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