Restaurant Review: Villa Clara, Amman

A new international restaurant in Amman! It’s located on third circle, behind Le Royal Hotel and opposite to Levant restaurant with a great outdoor terrace (suitable for night dining) and a sophisticated indoor interior.
I was there for dinner, so if you plan on going there at night, I suggest getting a jacket or a shawl, as summer nights in Amman can turn chilly.


Upon being seated, we were served muffin-like bread with a side of olive oil and balsamic vinegar that tasted heavenly.


Just to give you the heads up, the menu has EVERYTHING you can think of: from salads to vegetarian appetizers to chicken to meat to seafood and to even pasta dishes (if you think you’re decisive, you obviously haven’t eaten there yet).

The struggle is over, we finally ordered!

For appetizers: Mexican Salad in a jar (one of their signature dishes), Marco Polo Salad (Chinese Salad with honey balsamic vinegar dressing), Chicken TNT, and Caprese.


Mexican Salad in a Jar


Marco Polo Salad

Chicken TNT

Chicken TNT



For the main course: Veal Piccata with butter lemon sauce and Chicken Villa Clara (chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese).
Tip: make sure to ask for Douche potatoes; mashed potatoes from the inside and fried from the outside! Absolutely amazing!


Veal Piccata


Chicken Villa Clara

And of course for the sweet finale, you MUST have the Fried Sizzling Bananas, topped with Häagen-Dazs’ vanilla ice cream and the Chocolate Fondue!


Fried Sizzling Bananas


Chocolate Fondue

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