London, United Kingdom: Shoreditch & London Bridge

Whenever you’re in London, you MUST block half a day of your schedule to visit the East, and by East I mean Shoreditch. In the span of 10 years or so, Shoreditch has moved on from being a particularly cheap real estate area, which attracted numerous poor artists, to becoming the center of the art world.

Any street you walk in displays a story in the form of street graffiti, leaving you wondering what is behind each street art and where did the idea come from! Absolutely breath-taking.

We got off the tube at Liverpool Street station and easily walked to Brick Lane Street where all the fuss-making places are. First thing I wanted to do is pass by The Beigel Shop for some rainbow bagels but unfortunately; it was closed (Bummer!). Moving on, we had breakfast at Cereal Killer Café, a simple, very small, low-budget café that serves bowls of sugary breakfast cereals. The menu perpetuates an illusion of choice constituting more than 100 brands of cereal.


If you’re a banana fan like me, I suggest ordering ‘Bananarama’: Banana mini weetabix cereal topped with fresh bananas, nutella, whipped cream and banana milk!


Chocolate lovers, you don’t need to worry! ‘Chocopottomus’ was made for you. Coco pops cereal, kinder’s happy hippo, and chocolate milk is all what it takes to put a smile on your face.


Upon finishing, we continued walking through Brick Lane, pausing every other minute just to embrace the beauty of street art. Here are some pictures.





Passing through Brick Lane Market and some boutique shops, we took the bus to London Bridge, leaving half of my heart in awe of the graffiti.

A while later, we headed for the Millennium Bridge that leads to St. Paul’s Cathedral. This pedestrian bridge overlooks River Thames, Tower Bridge, the Shard and Canary Wharf, beautiful scenery!



For lunch, we crossed the Millennium Bridge back to head for the Anchor, an old pub by the River Thames that apparently Shakespeare used to go to for writing his stories (no wonder why the stories are marvelous!). Sitting outside in such an amazing weather and ordering Fish and Chips (the most popular British dish) pretty much were the highlight of this journey.


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