Grain & Grass @ Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel

As my first food blogger invitation, I headed to Grain & Grass, a promotion held out by Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel from the 6th to the 9th of April; the beginning of a great dining experience!

 The food and drinks were affiliated with The Meat Master and Carakale, offering high-end imported meat and local beer.

The event took place in Indochine Restaurant but was managed successfully to take you from an Asian themed to an American styled venue with loud commercial music played by a DJ.

In the outer area, where the Carakale stand was featured, all sorts of drinks were grabbed from. The inner area featured a fridge with all sorts of salads and desserts placed in cute little jars.


As the meat-filled dishes started to pour on our tables, you couldn’t take your eyes of how enticing they looked. The hotdogs, the cheese steak sandwich, the fish & chips, the steak with caramelized onions and mashed potatoes, and the beef noodles, were superb!




And lastly, 12 dishes later, the sweet finale arrives! The best Oreo cake I’ve ever had. Happy indulging!


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