List of Ramadan Tents.. Covered!

Saturday, 18 May 2019 by
In case you’re wondering how can you find Ramadan Tents and their contact details, this list will have you covered! I will keep updating it whenever I come across a new tent: 1.The Roof Nights  Entrance fee: 7JD or 10JD (depending where you sit) Location: Corp Amman Hotel 2.  Tarabish Tent Entrance fee: 3JD for regular

Favorite Suhoor Spots this Ramadan

Thursday, 24 May 2018 by
I’m sure everyone started to get sick of the “7awadir” at Suhoor time. Therefore, I included a list of places you can have Suhoor at during the month of Ramadan: 1. Cafe Hanin 2. Ajeen Wraps 3. Shai w Na3na3 4. Hattoota Places on my list to try: 5. Abu Salma 6. Debes & Tahini
Another successful food bloggers outing! I love how we have to meet up every once in a while over a meal. Dine With Sally, Taste of Amman, Edible Adventures, Travelling Foodaholic and myself gathered over a Suhoor meal in Azkadenya, Mecca Street. For those of you who like arabic food, this is the perfect place for traditional
If you haven’t been to the Boulevard in Abdali during the month of Ramadan, you better hurry as it’s almost over! I went there on Thursday night; crowded as you might have expected, but for this time it’s the positive connotation of crowded. I’m pretty sure everyone who visited the Boulevard during Ramadan left with
For the first time, four local food bloggers decided to meet up over Suhoor in one of Amman’s cosy Ramadan places: Shamasy. Located in Um Uthayna, this place is beautifully designed  (as the name suggests; Shamasy is umbrellas in Arabic), with screens all around for watching the Euro Cup with the ultimate experience. Shamasy serves numerous