Welcome to TwoCanDine, where food lovers unite!

I’m Dina, a Jordanian based in the capital, Amman.

If you ever wondered where to dine, then you’re in the right place! My friends and family often ask me where to eat as I’m a frequent diner (as you can tell), therefore I decided to share my food experiences with the world.

The idea of having a food blog had been haunting me ever since I was pursuing my master’s degree in London in 2013 (better late than never!).

Being a food, travel and photography enthusiast, I decided to combine all three to share my experiences with all of you. I am one of those (not so annoying) people who like to take photos of their food, so everything you’re cyber indulging on are some pictures of my dining out.

Happy drooling! And watch out for your plate ;)

Please don’t hesitate to email me on dina@twocandine.co