List of Ramadan Tents.. Covered!

In case you’re wondering how can you find Ramadan Tents and their contact details, this list will have you covered! I will keep updating it whenever I come across a new tent:

1.The Roof Nights 

Entrance fee: 7JD or 10JD (depending where you sit)

Location: Corp Amman Hotel

2.  Tarabish Tent

Entrance fee: 3JD for regular nights, 5JD on Thursdays, and between 15-25JD on Saturdays

Location: Zahr W Raihan – Dabouq

3. Qucheena

Entance fee: 5JD

Location: Paloma Rooftop- Abdoun

4. 3al Qahwa

Entrance fee: 5jds

Location: The House Boutique Hotel – 2nd Circle

5. Asateer Tent

Entrance fee: ranging from 15-40JD

Location: Dunes Club Amman

6. Taralalli Lounge

Entrance fee: 10JD

Location: Red Tactical for Laser Tag- Airport Road

7. Almas Tent

Entrance fee: 7-50JD (depending on the event and VIP or regular)

Location: Whitehall

8. The Rooftop of Campbell Gray Living

Entrance fee: 10JD

Location: Campbell Gray Living- Abdali

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