Quick Trip to As-Salt!

Break your Friday routine!

Fill your tanks with gas (half a tank would do), and head to As-Salt Municipality, a 25-min drive from the capital Amman.

You can have lunch in Beit Aziz , the first boutique hotel in As-Salt, offering Arabic food. We went for ordering Mezza’s and 2 plates of Sajiyyeh (chicken and meat) and were a group of 8 people. Average price per person was 9 JOD.

Don’t miss out on the bread as it is made in-house!

After lunch, look up Knafet wa Qahwet Abu Hazeem (كنافة وقهوة ابوهزيم) located in Al-Sitteen Street. The Knafeh is made on the spot and is being grilled on coal. The sweetness is medium which is great and you can add sugar syrup upon request.

Make sure to spot the opposite side of the road (it’s okay just take a second off your Knafeh plate) and admire the beauty of Palestine from afar.

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