My Top 5 Breakfast Spots!

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been active in a while.. but decided to resume to writing with a different manner this time.

For this post (and hopefully the upcoming ones), I will post about certain food I like to devour according to my personal preference. Yalla we’ll start with breakfast!

1.Blue Fig

I know it’s a cliché spot to go to, but I can’t help but suggest it as an option whenever we decide to go out for breakfast. Their breakfast ranges from mana’eesh to eggs and to even healthy dishes (God forbid) and every time it tastes the same (hooray for consistency). What only differs from time to time is their service, on weekends they get super busy and the service becomes a bit slower than usual.

My personal favorites are the turkey and cheese mana’eesh and their Greek omelettes.

2.The Bakehouse

The first circle branch is my favorite! Their Supreme combo is just fulfilling (only for a while though) consisting of an omelette, hash browns, sausages followed by a SUPER mouthwatering pancake.

3.Shams El Balad

Everyone can say otherwise, but I really like this spot for breakfast! It kind of reminds me of my grandparents’ house and gives you this feeling of cosiness. I like their breakfast as it includes a lot of varieties and gives you the option of having big or small portions.


Located in Downtown, make sure you fight for your table in the balcony area. It’s a beautiful old place serving traditional dishes but the vibe it gives is truly amazing. Make sure to try their chicken liver with pomegranate molasses!


Well for me this place serves the tastiest poached eggs with salmon in Amman! Though not on an English muffin, but the whole combination of the hollandaise sauce and the perfection of the poaching is excellent!

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