Moka Café Does It Again!

You know these places where you literally can go any time during the day and still stuff your face? Well yes, Moka Patisserie is like that. I’ve visited three times this month: once for breakfast, once for afternoon coffee and pastries and once for coffee and dessert (trust me I’m too afraid to weigh myself right now).

Located in Abdoun since 1996, Moka Patisserie offers amazing sandwiches, salads (for you healthy people), cakes, pastries and cookies. You can also customize any cake you want like this one below! (Expecting this on November 22)


Anyways, let me show you what I had for breakfast first:



For desserts:




Finally, I’d like to thank Moka’s staff for everything they’ve done! You are awesome! Will give you some time to miss me till it’s time for Mother’s Day!




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