Amman: the New Tokyo Or Mexico City? Let’s Find Out!

Tokyo and Mexico City: two different cities located in two different continents, with two different cultures and even a vast difference in cuisines, have now come together (not politically, God forbid) to conceive the newest concept in Amman, the SUSHI BURRITO!

As you might have guessed, the concept looks like a burrito but is made of Japanese ingredients. The taste is surreal!

Two restaurants decided to bring Amman this concept: Fish Face and Sushiitto.

Fish Face, located in Abdoun, offers not only Sushi Burritos but also Poké bowls with different toppings and sauces. If you’re the type that doesn’t like to think about what to order, then you have a long list of ready made combos that taste heavenly! But if you’re picky and would like to customize your own Sushi Burrito or Poké you also have that as an option.

Prices range from 8 JDs to 15 JDs, depending on the add ons you choose.



As for Sushiito, it’s located in the Abdali Boulevard, with the convenience of walking around afterwards. Sushiito’s menu is quite simple: you either choose Crunchy Salmon, Flaming Cheetos (their signature), Seafood Fiesta or Spicy Tuna. Personally, I tried their signature Flaming Cheetos because of it’s terrific concept of being rolled in Cheetos and their Crunchy Salmon. Flaming Cheetos tasted good but between these two hands down for the Crunchy Salmon Burrito; it tasted heavenly!

Average price at Sushiito is about 8 JDs with the option of choosing Edamame, or Miso Soup on the side.


Finally, I cannot really judge which one was better: Fish Face’s Pokés are to die for to be honest, and Sushiito’s Crunchy Salmon Burrito was surreal! Each of them has a different style, ambience and experience.

I recommend trying both of them.

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