Steak Night Mondays @ EVOO Sheraton Amman

Avoid dinner feuds on Mondays by heading to EVOO (a shorter word for Extra Virgin Olive Oil; cool name!) in Sheraton Amman. EVOO is an Italian restaurant that added a slight twist to its cuisine: Steak night every Monday! EVOO is suitable for families, friends and romantic dinners, so gentlemen, no excuses what so ever if she’s craving steak while you want Italian.

With the help of TRACCS and Sheraton Amman’s lovely team, we were invited to give this night a try.

Upon arrival, we were greeted at the entrance by both parties along with a lovely welcoming drink, then were escorted to our tables where we got to know the rest of the invitees.

You can’t help but notice the warm red ambience, the lovely oldies music played by the accordionist and to your left surprisingly, a huge cow-shaped cardboard, its body divided (by pen not by knife!) into different sections. After done with eating, tables will compete on answering which section of the cow’s body do steak types come from, and one representative on each table must use sticky notes to add to each area of the cardboard… And there will be a WINNER!



So, before steak dishes started pouring, a fully loaded Italian buffet awaited us outside next to the entrance with everything Italian-y you could think of from bufalas, to cold cuts to aubergine rolls and to even freshly baked focaccia bread.


After indulging on these aperitivo, the real business has just begun.

Our first steak was Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom sauce served on a cutting board. To be honest, it looks really good, but once you realise it’s a sharing dish you don’t feel good about the idea (or at least that’s what happened to me), especially it’s not very practical cutting the beef and then pouring the thick mushroom sauce from a jar in each person’s plate. Also, some people preferred medium-well; this dish was served as medium without asking us how we like the meat.


Next we were served with a T-bone Steak with a side of French butter and garlic. Again, this platter was served on a cutting board and was meant to be shared among us on the table, thus creating more hassle upon serving due to the bones.


I tried a tiny piece of the T-bone that required minimal efforts of cutting, it wasn’t the best piece of meat I had- taste wise.

Once I realised that whatever dishes are coming next will be of the same concept :cutting and sharing , I decided I shall stop eating to avoid the hassle.

Of course, two other steak dishes were served along followed by desserts but I guess I was a bit annoyed on how I did not get to enjoy my meal as planned (excuse my sensitivity).

Now, let’s look at it from a half full cup perspective. I would suggest changing the presentation elements and use something that would reflect the quality of the meat the person is eating. I would also replace the jar of the sauce with another side to make it easier to pour the sauce from. Finally and what is important, please focus on consistency in terms of service and food quality. Amman lacks this fundamental aspect in the restaurant scenery and I strongly urge that you keep reviewing your dishes before they are being served to customers. I read reviews about EVOO on Tripadvisor and they are absolutely great, all I can say is maintain that!

Remember, TwoCanDine wants what is best for you, always.

One love.

(Ps. I would like to thank TRACCS and Sheraton Amman’s Marketing team for organising this lovely event.)

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