Feasting With the Local Bloggers at Villa Clara

Now is the time to test whether you’ve got Alzheimer or not. Have you come across a blog post about Villa Clara on my website before? If yes, you’re safe. If not… start taking vitamins!

I’ve written another post about Villa Clara, because this time, they’re bigger better and bolder! A new menu is now introduced  covering even MORE international cuisines, leaving you in even double the amount of confusion than before. So a number of Jordanian bloggers and myself got invited to try these new dishes including Taste of Amman, Whats for Dinz, Hamzeh Qasem, FoodieJo, Lemons and Limes and Cooked with Passion.

We started off with the unique bread and olive oil.


Then came the salads: Marco Polo Salad, Mexican Salad in a jar and Orzo Quinoa Salad.




I’m not really a fan of ordering salads in restaurants, but these three kinds truly changed my thought! They’re absolutely delicious.

Next, we were served with Grilled Halloumi, Chicken TNT, Fried Brie cheese with Cranberry Sauce, Stuffed Mushroom with cheese and BBQ Chicken on mini tortilla bread. Here are some of the dishes:


Grilled Halloumi

Chicken TNT

Chicken TNT

Next, we were served with Egg Plant Orzo, Noodles with Vegetables, Chicken with Cashew nuts, Crispy Beef and finally a Beef Shawerma.


Crispy Beef Tip: make sure to ask the waiter to add more Hoisin Sauce!


My personal favorites were the Noodles and the Chicken with Cashew nuts! They were made as if by a proper Chinese restaurant!

Finally, who can say no to Dessert?

We were served with Crepes Suzette and Chocolate Fondant.


Chocolate Fondant

Next time, I’m trying their Indian dishes but excuse my stomach capacity this time; there wasn’t any space left.

Special thanks to Villa Clara and Mode Marketing & PR for planning such an amazing event!

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