Food Box: Two Cuisines, One Belly

When living abroad, I grew this obsession of having noodles in-a-box on a weekly basis (sometimes more, don’t judge my carbs intake please). Then, I moved back to Amman, sadly thinking there aren’t places that serve food in boxes, and so my obsession died. THEN I DISCOVERED FOOD BOX!

Located in Abdoun, it is a relatively small place with contemporary asian tables and benches, having their menu displayed (using chalk) on the wall on your right.


Almost all dishes came in boxes as this one, very practical, handy and creative!


We started off with delicious Mushroom Bombs. Mushrooms dipped in sweet yet a bit spicy sauce.


Next, we were served with mini Beef and Chicken Tacos. Personally, I loved the beef ones, as they had hoisin sauce.



Next, came the Mongolian Beef. This was heavenly delicious. The beef was tender and the sauce was sufficient enough for it not to be dry.


We travelled from Asia to Italy in less than five seconds! Chicken Pesto Pasta was served next. It tasted really good, but personally I was biased with Asian more than the Italian.


For sudden, quick cravings of both Italian or Asian, Food Box is ideal for satisfying both cravings.

The menu offers a variety of dishes, leaving you eager to try more and more. Stay tuned for my next visit! Thank you Food Box!

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 3/5

Price per person: 3.5/5

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