New Sandwich Place in A-town!

I love it when new places open in Amman! I don’t know about you but it triggers this excitement in me that makes me want to go try it no matter what. Well, this new sandwich shop, Toastini, was on top of the list.

Located near the 8th Circle, Behind Ernst & Young, Toastini‘s simplistic decor conveys fresh ingredients and healthy choices.

For fast, healthy, guilt-free sandwiches, you will find numerous choices ranging from cheese, chicken and to beef. All sandwiches come with a side salad (so you wouldn’t feel bad).


Photo Credits: Toastini’s facebook post


I love this idea!


Caramelized Steak Sandwich


To know more of what I’m talking about, you can visit Toastini’s Facebook page for more details on tasty sandwich experience!

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