Amman, Jordan: Ramadan at the Boulevard

If you haven’t been to the Boulevard in Abdali during the month of Ramadan, you better hurry as it’s almost over! I went there on Thursday night; crowded as you might have expected, but for this time it’s the positive connotation of crowded. I’m pretty sure everyone who visited the Boulevard during Ramadan left with a huge grin on their faces, and yes I was one of them.

The decorations, the ambience, the Ramadan spirit, the mixed smell of waffles and knafeh, and the epic musical performance of the Nomads never failed to amaze me.


My friend, Suzan, and I started off with Toffimelt‘s booth, a colorful happy booth producing handcrafted toffee and caramel.



We were told Stroopwafel was among the best there; OH MY GOD! Amazing! It’s filled with sea salted caramel and literally it tastes like heaven! I posted a video of how it’s done here, meanwhile happy indulging on the pictures!


Of course, Toffimelt sells other kinds of stuff like Candy Apples, different flavors of caramel candy, and many more.

Next, was Marmalade’s booth.


Seriously, if you pass by without ordering the Lotus Bomb I’m going to be mad. It’s out of this world I promise you. Basically it’s Lotus cookies stuffed with Lotus (put in the microwave for a bit), then topped with vanilla ice cream and finally drizzled with caramel Lotus sauce.


I want my wedding cake, my birthday cake, my everyday cake to be like that!

We took a break for a bit and headed for Batateekh’s booth for a refreshing Watermelon Smoothie. It can’t be passed unseen, one of life’s must-have’s! 2016-06-24-PHOTO-00006106

For next visit, I’m going to try their Arabi meal for Suhoor! Click here to take a look at it.

Finally, last but not least, it was Confeh: Dessert innovation at its best! Basically it’s Knafeh dough wrapped up in a shape of a cone, topped upon your choice of Nutella, ice cream, fruits or fresh creme. I posted a video on how it’s done here. Ask for their best selling Confeh: Nutella topped with Haagen-Dazs’ vanilla ice cream; absolutely delicious! Happy indulging!


For your info, if you’re feeling a bit guilty by now from all of this feasting, try The Good Lettuce‘s (Confeh’s not-so-evil sister) fresh juices in this hot weather.


Hello sugar rush! Let’s proceed with having a cup of tea in Hakaya at the Boulevard, offering Shisha, cards and Ramadan snacks, while entertained by Nomad’s amazing performance.

Don’t forget to spot the person selling Tamarind juice!


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