Restaurant Review: Suhoor @ Shamasy Café

For the first time, four local food bloggers decided to meet up over Suhoor in one of Amman’s cosy Ramadan places: Shamasy.

Located in Um Uthayna, this place is beautifully designed  (as the name suggests; Shamasy is umbrellas in Arabic), with screens all around for watching the Euro Cup with the ultimate experience. Shamasy serves numerous dishes from different (unrelated) cuisines (Italian, Arabic, Mexican, Asian), along with Shisha. Cards are also available if you’re a fan of Tarneeb, Trix or even Hand!

I suggest booking beforehand if you decide to go as it took us a while to find a table, especially arriving a bit late for Suhoor.

So Dine With Sally, The Spotist, Taste of Amman and myself decided to go out on a Suhoor for a collective dining experience.

Upon arriving to Shamasy, the design of the place kept us just staring upwards, contemplating how simple yet creative the decoration is.


As menus were distributed, you couldn’t help but read it ALL and laugh hysterically, see for yourself!


We ordered Margherita Pizza, Mushroom with garlic and lemon sauce, Lasagne, Saj Turkey and Cheese, and a sweet ending of Nutella Crepe.


Margherita Pizza


Mushroom with garlic and lemon sauce


Saj Turkey and Cheese




Nutella Crepe

Everything tasted average, except the Mushroom with garlic and lemon, it was too lemony for me, sometimes I can’t handle extra sour food. We were served the Nutella Crepe along with the food, so by the time we wanted to have it it was a bit cold, yet still tasted good.

I would go back for cards, Shisha and Ramadan desserts definitely.

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